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A new home for Carbonite

Yúme / Feb 16, 2013
A new home for Carbonite members. This is first step towards getting some level of organisation within the guild. The site is still working progress but should give us afew advantages:

- Proper support for characters rather than trying to remeber everyone name on Facebook.
- Proper forum.
- Proper Raid calender.

Some future plans:
So over the past 2 weeks we have been doing some casual "PUG" 8 man raiding, and made some very good progress. This does however have its limitations, causing some members to feel frustrated as we can't progress any further with the current setup.

So my proposal will be that we will continue to do "PUG" raids throughout the week on easier content, but we will also create a 16 man raid teams to tackle the harder content. This will involve an event being created on the guild site, with set slots, TANKS, HEALER, DPS and also sent number of classes so (for example 3 commando dps max). This can allow us to have a much better chance of clearing the instance. This will also allow us to set up requirments for the event; such a gear score, must read the tactics etc.

Why 16 man?, although it may require a higher amount of cordination, it gear requirements are less step. Also double the members, double the loot and double the fun :)

Post any thoughts/ideas/suggestions on this new thread.


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